Commodore 64

Jack Tramiel – Father Of The Commodore 64 – Dies
His name might not be as recognizable as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but Jack Tramiel's contributions to the computer age should not be second-guessed.
Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore International and crucial figure in the early history of personal computing, passed away surrounded by his…
Commodore 64 Making a Comeback
The Commodore 64, the classic personal computer from the eight-bit '80s, is making a comeback. Sort of.
Later this month, Commodore USA will be releasing a computing system that looks just like the original C64 on the outside, but comes equipped with modern specs like a dual-core 1...
The Commodore 64 Is Back With New Tricks
Early home computer users rejoice!  An old favorite is coming back and it has some new technology up it's sleeve.
It's still taupe and it's still basically a big keyboard with a full working computer sitting beneath it -- mouse and monitor aren't included.