CSS Celebrates 102 Years With Give To CSS Day
I had the chance to talk to John Lobosky, the VP for college advancement this morning. Tomorrow is a big day around the camput of Saint Scholastica. They are celebrating 102 years of serving the community but it is also "Give to CSS Day"
Fall Is Coming, Thursday August 29th Is Officially Move In Day UWS
If you went to college, you remember how it felt. The new place, a new stage in life and feeling that freedom of adulthood. If you are a parent of a college student, cue the crying. New and returning students move into the residence halls at the University of Wisconsin-Superior today, and new freshm…
What Are America’s Most Expensive Colleges?
Forbes, along with the Center for College Affordability & Productivity, tallied up the cost of tuition, books, transportation, computers, and room and board to determine the new list of America’s most expensive colleges. And some of them may surprise you.

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