Coca-Cola Announces Flavor Drops as New Beverage
Coca-Cola plans to take a squirt on its competition, as the company recently announced a new product that will require only a few drops to get a thirsty population on the fast track to flavor town.
In the next couple of weeks, consumers can expect to see something called Dasani Drops, which is essent…
Coca Cola And Pepsi Change Formulas To Avoid Cancer Label
Looking to avoid a label on their products that would warn consumers about an elevated cancer risk, both Coke and Pepsi have changed their cola formulas.
Coke and Pepsi are making some changes to their formula to avoid having their cans slapped with a cancer warning label...
Coke Adds New, Smaller Bottle Sizes, Lower Prices
Blame the economy.  Blame changing dietary trends.  One things for sure - the Coca Cola you see on store shelves is changing.  And though we're not talking "New Coke" change circa 1984,  you'll still probably notice the difference.
Coke will announce th…