Coca Cola

Coca Cola Secret Formula Is Out Of The Vault
For the first time in 86 years, the secret recipe for Coca Cola is out of the vault!  But it's for a good reason.
The Coca-Cola Co. has made its secret formula the centerpiece of a new exhibit at its corporate museum, ditching the confines of the bank vault where the list of ingredients had…
Coca Cola Switching White Cans Back To Red
Well,that didn't last long.  To show their holiday/winter spirit - and raise money for Arctic Polar Bears, the Coca Cola company changed the color of regular Coke cans to white last month.  Apparently consumers weren't amused.
The Coca-Cola Co...
Coke Adds New, Smaller Bottle Sizes, Lower Prices
Blame the economy.  Blame changing dietary trends.  One things for sure - the Coca Cola you see on store shelves is changing.  And though we're not talking "New Coke" change circa 1984,  you'll still probably notice the difference.
Coke will announce th…