How To Prevent Holiday Home Fires
It's unfortunate, but the holiday season often brings a significant spike in home fires.  The American Red Cross urges people to take extra precautions with cooking and decorating at this time of year to help prevent fires.
5 Things You Might Not Know About the Elf on the Shelf
The Elf on the Shelf—whether you find him cute, annoying or somewhere in between, he's everywhere these days, making the holiday season even more complicated for parents. We did a little investigating on this elusive creature that has become a phenomenon, and discovered a few things …
The 5 Best Santa Clauses on Film
Santa Claus, who without a doubt really does exist, doesn’t have time to make a personal appearance in every Hollywood movie about Christmas ever made. Instead, he relies on a number of talented actors to portray him on the silver screen.
5 Fun and Unusual Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Globes and angels and stars are fine, but for the folks who like to be a little more imaginative with their Christmas-tree decorations—whether from boredom or budget—we’ve come up with a list of five unusual ways to help get the creative wheels in your noggin spinning:
See The Tour Of Lights In Duluth And Vote For Your Favorite
The People's Choice Awards are back and so are the Christmas Lights. I remember as a kid, my Grandma June and Aunt Lynn would pack all of us kids in the car and we would take our own tour of the lights. The addresses were listed in the News Paper of some of the better lights.
What Does Christmas Sound Like In Sweden? You Decide
My friend Elizabeth Chan was doing an interview for Swedish radio and they told her that her album was the best they've ever heard. She thought they were just saying that to butter her up a little. So she had them send some to her. So, I got the link and I'm sharing it with you.

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