Unemployed Man Finds $150K in Vegetable Garden
Here is how the cheesy late-90′s stand-up comic buried deep in our subconscious would report this story:
“Hey folks! Did you read the story in the Northwest Herald today about a guy in Illinois that found $150K in his backyard garden? Talk about growing some cabbage! Am I right folks? Th…
Airlines Refuse Cash
This is the kind of story that gets me upset.  It's bad enough that a lot of businesses won't accept a personal check anymore.  (...Don't get me started on that topic...)  But now it appears that the airline industry no longer recognizes U...
Financial Infidelity: Catching A Cheating Spouse
I'll tell you a story. When i lived in Boston, I knew of many women who could tell you where her husband worked but couldn't tell you how much he made. She never saw his paycheck. That type of mentality has vanished.. or has it?
Man Fails to Make Purchase With $1 Million Bill
Who wants to be a fake millionaire?
The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports a man in Minneapolis tried to pay for a purchase at a CVS Monday with a $1 million bill. The only problem, of course, is a $1 million bill is about as real Santa Claus.
Cops Find Robber Via Cash Trail
The scene was straight out of a classic Saturday-morning cartoon: After a robber took an undisclosed amount of money from a local CVS, he made a mad dash to a nearby laundromat.
As he ran, the pile of cash in his arms left a trail behind him, making it an easy catch for police officers.