Teacher Discovers $9.8 Billion Bank Balance
Wow! Just like Monopoly would say......Bank Error in Your Favor!!
A man in West Bengal, India, had expected to find a balance of $200 during a recent visit to an ATM but instead found 490 billion rupees, or $9.8 billion, in his account...
Bank Of Walmart Operates Without A Charter
Quick: What does one of the largest retailers in America do when the Federal Government declines their application for a banking charter?  Do it anyway - ala carte.
Four years ago, Walmart abandoned its long-sought plans to obtain a federal bank charter amid opposition from the banking industr…
Man Robs Bank For $1 To Get Prison Healthcare [VIDEO]
Last week, James Verone walked into an RBC bank –sans gun – with a robbery plan. However, unlike most bank robbers, his plan did not involve walking out with loads of cash.
Instead, the 59-year-old North Carolina man actually wanted to be arrested so he’d have access …