Apple Reveals Highly Anticipated iCloud at WWDC
At WWDC, Apple's annual developers conference, head honcho Steve Jobs came and went in only two hours, but left the rapt audience of gadget geeks with the next full year of the company's plans, including the launches of iCloud, iOS5, and the new Mac OSX Lion...
WWDC Preview: Apple to Unveil iOS 5, iCloud and More
It's the most wonderful time of the year - Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).
The WWDC is a 4-day event in which Apple talks about its new products, upcoming software and, you know, just how amazing the company is.
We'll be keeping you updated before, during and afte…
Don’t Discuss Mac Malware Says Apple To Staff
Being an Apple user since the days of the Mac Plus, I think this is a highly unusual and strange move by Apple. Seems to me this problem of malware is a bit more serious than Apple is letting on.
Apple's battle against the fast-spreading "MacDefender" Trojan just took a very in…
iPad-Only Newspaper Debuts
On Wednesday, News Corporation announced the launch of The Daily — the first-ever newspaper designed exclusively for the Apple iPad.
Apple Anyone?
When I lived in Massachusetts I met man named Terry who was to become a friend for many years. Terry was a pilot for Eastern Airlines. He also owned an electronics store. After introducing myself, I told him I needed to replace my  computer, and I needed advice.  Thirty minutes later I wal…