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Steven Tyler and ‘American Idol’ Try Their Luck in Sin City
On Wednesday night’s ‘American Idol‘, all the cattle — oops, sorry, “singers” — were split into groups to see which contestants would kill each other first. This is all going down in Las Vegas, because who would notice a bloody death amid the glitz and glamor of Vegas?
Steven Tyler is probably just h…
Steven Tyler to Supreme Court: Watch the language
Language and images have changed over the years. Some are saying the FCC has lost it's authority to police rules, some say they have become outdated. Many people ask me if I have ever cursed on the air. I'll tell you that answer in private. What are bad words...
New Aerosmith Record, Maybe?
I was excited to see this tidbit of news today.

Steven Tyler has reportedly buried the hatchet with long-time song-writing partner Joe Perry and hinted that the pair would begin writing together in the summer.
Steven Tyler, the American rocker and current judge on American Idol has given the clearest…
‘Idol’ Boosting Aerosmith Sales
Some questioned if it was a good move for Steven Tyler to join the cast of American Idol.  After watching a few episodes now and hearing how often they use Aerosmith songs, this doesn't surprise me