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Ace Frehley’s House Catches Fire
This morning (Dec. 14), firefighters in Westchester County, N.Y. were called to a house in Yorktown Heights owned by former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley. There are no reported injuries.
Ace Frehley Fires Back at Gene Simmons
Ace Frehley said he's come to expect blindside insults from Gene Simmons. So he wasn't totally surprised by the recent spate of comments made by his former Kiss bandmate, who Frehley said "has no friends -- he's not respected by his peers."
Gene Simmons Comments on Possible Kiss Hall of Fame Induction
Now that Kiss are on the ballot for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, fans have started daydreaming about what it might be like to see the band enshrined alongside some of their fellow rock legends. But if your dream includes seeing the original lineup play at the induction ce…
Ace Frehley’s Wobbly First Meeting with Keith Richards
We all have our fantasies about meeting our favorite rockers. They usually involve telling our heroes about how much their music has meant to us and gotten us through hard times. In turn, the rocker is so overwhelmed by the praise and asks us to join the tour as a member of the band’…

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