It's not just love affairs, wild bachelor parties that spouses need to worry about when it comes to keeping secrets from each other .It's dinging the car. In my family, I wouldn't call it lying, I like the word forgetting more.

A surprising number of husbands and wives admit in a new survey posted in USA Today, to hiding from their spouses damage they did to the car or other embarrassing driving experiences.

The survey of about 1,000 married adults — conducted last month by insurance shopping and information site Insure.com — found:

• 35% admitted to dinging the car and telling their spouse someone else did it.

• 25% admit they have kept a traffic ticket secret from their spouse.

• 24% have kept a traffic accident secret from their spouse.

• 19% admitted to not telling their spouse when they forgot to pay an auto insurance bill.

• 19% admitted they had knowingly driven without car insurance but not told their spouse.

And as many women no doubt will say they already knew, men are more often the liars.

Insure.com's survey found that 42% men had dinged the car and blamed someone else, compared with 27% of women.