One-hundred years is a long time for just about anything - yet alone pipes buried underground.  That's the impetus behind the two-week project that starts on Monday, August 22 on Superior Street.

Crews from the City of Duluth will be working on replacing the aging utilities under Superior Street between 4th Avenue West and 4th Avenue East - in preparation of future reconstruction of the downtown area.

The initial stage of the project will see crews cleaning the sewer pipes - with a lining coming afterwards.  Later in September, crews will be back for the actual lining work.

Drivers shouldn't experience major delays as officials anticipate no road closures.  Most of the work can be accomplished via manholes in the area.  However there will be sewer service interruptions.  The City anticipates using a bypass lane, but smaller businesses in the area might see some sewer closures.  In the event that this needs to take place, the affected customers will be notified 24 hours in advance.