It's down to the wire and the Vegas odds have San Francisco and Jim Harbaugh taking home the Lombardi Trophy. Most people are favoring the SF 49ers to take home the trophy. Not so fast......wait till you hear this.

According to Madden 2013, the winner of the Super Bowl this year is the Baltimore Ravens. They wind up winning the game by a field goal 27 to 24 with a heroic interception by Ed Reed in the final play of the game.

According to The Escapist  Madden's prediction of a Super Bowl outcome isn't exactly flawless. Last year, Madden 2012 predicted that the Giants would best the Patriots by the same 27 to 24 margin. The Giants did end up winning, but the score was 21 to 17. Madden 2011 predicted the Steelers would top the Packers 24 to 20, but when the dust settled, the Packers hoisted the Lombardi trophy with a score of 31 to 25.

If you like that outcome, start bragging to all your friends, if you don't, tell them to watch the game.

Either way, the game will be decided today, but it's still fun to watch the E A Sports trailer.....