A Pennsylvania restaurant has found itself at the receiving end of a lawsuit over it's Sunday dining promotion.  As advertised, customers who bring in a church bulletin get a ten-percent discount off their meal.  As a result, an Athiest man has filed a lawsuit charging discrimination.

At the heart of the complaint, John Wolff says that the restaurants special is discriminatory because he does not attend church.

The owners of the establishment disagree - saying that a customer doesn't actually have to attend church to obtain the bulletin.

Sharon Prudhomme, one of the co-owners of the restaurant, said she is not discriminating because diners don't have to actually attend a church or synagogue service to get a bulletin. She said area religious leaders told her that anyone can walk in a religious building and obtain a bulletin, without attending services.

The court has given the restaurant 30 days to respond to the allegations.  Meanwhile, the promotion continues - with the owner saying that the promotion helps business on an otherwise slow day.