I have to give credit to my cousin Steve for this recipe. He came up with the original, I have modified it just a little for my taste. I hope you like it. Here’s the story:

I was visiting my cousin Steve in the Twin Cities. He invited me to come down and watch NCAA basketball, I believe we watched Kentucky vs Wake Forest, but don't quote me on that.. He had great seats, how good were they? I was three rows ahead of Kevin McHale (at the time the GM of the Timberwolves), so I turned around and told him he sucked……but that’s another story.

I was hungry and wanted something to eat, but my cousin is cheap, and he had something planned so he told me not to get anything. When we got home he made these burgers that had a lot of prep. He called them “Bongo Burgers”, I have no idea why. That may be another blog all together.

That night he treated me to grilling out, with some pasta and a veggie medley. These were the best!! So, I got the recipe from him, changed it a little and have been serving them up to my family.

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Here's the recipe

Chris Allen’s Bongo Burgers

3 lb ground beef

3/4 white onion, diced

3/4 green pepper, diced

1/4 can of bread crumbs

Couple of handfuls of desired shredded cheese (Chris recommends mozzarella)

A few splashes of teryaki

Mix the ingredients together by mashing with your hands. As you are mixing, add the teryaki sauce and mix (add to desired taste).

Make into patties place on the grill.

Shake a little teryaki over the burger while on the grill.

These burgers will get dark and look burned but that is just the cooked cheese and bread crumbs with the teryaki.

Serve on a bun (with a slice of cheese if you prefer).

see the video here, courtesy of NNC