I dunno, call me crazy, but when I park my vehicle, I just drive in. Some people do things a little differently than the rest of us though, and that's fine. I'm like a live and let live guy ya know? Everyday when I arrive at  the radio station, I see this truck parked like this. Sometimes it's parked so goofy, the front bumper is almost on the ground. One of these days he'll park it so far back it'll get hung up on the snowbank.

One day I see this dude looking at the truck, he gets in, starts it up and proceeds to eat his lunch. I'm thinking to myself this is a bit unusual right? So the next day I see the dude doing the same thing. Being a curious person, I walk over and ask him why he parks like this.

His answer was so other vehicles won't run into his truck. You watch, one of these days someone will park in front of his truck so he can't get out.

(Photo Rayman)