Language and images have changed over the years. Some are saying the FCC has lost it's authority to police rules, some say they have become outdated. Many people ask me if I have ever cursed on the air. I'll tell you that answer in private. What are bad words? George Carlin has the 7 words you can't say on TV or Radio. I think if you are creative, you can say sometime nasty, naughty, or dirty and give it color and make it funny.  Steven Tyler, the lead singer for Aerosmith and on American Idol as a judge has an opinion for the Supreme Court.

"It's really hot when you only show a little," he said.

Granted, the Aerosmith singer tossed off a bleeped strong expletive or two on Fox's live "American Idol" after joining it as a judge last season.

"I have (cursed on air) a couple times, because it is 2012," Tyler said. But an occasional swear word is different than a stream of them, which he suggested could happen without rules and wouldn't be something he welcomes.

"If you start surfing channel to channel and you're on NBC and it's (expletive) and channel 4 and it's (expletive) and channel 7 and it's (expletive), it wouldn't be fun to surf," he said.

Besides, he said, where's the creativity? A pun about an "American Idol" contestant's revealingly short outfit may be fun — "Here's to looking up your old address," offered Tyler — but the use of blunt language "turns it into something crass."