With this mornings storms and the ones to follow, police have advised people not to travel. Streets are washed out and if there is standing water there could be hidden sink holes.

Mayor Don Ness declared a state of emergency on his facebook page.

I'm declaring a State of Emergency in the City of Duluth. Please stay off the roads - there is significant damage, debris, and popped manholes. Crews are out in full force, keeping traffic off the roads will assist their efforts.


If you live in a low area near the river, please seek higher ground.


We have a coordinated response with city, county, state patrol, coast guard, red cross, and the feds ready to help. I've been very impressed with the coordinated effort to this point. Thank you to the leaders from across the state offering their help and support.

Obviously it doesn't mean the end of the world or Duluth, but it does mean some good things for help.