It's a story that we've been following for a while now. In order to boost their bottom line and flesh out new sources of revenue, Starbucks is moving into the wine and beer market.

The latest shows them expanding their non-traditional offerings in the lucrative California and George markets.

The buzz you get at Starbucks will soon come from something other than your daily cup of joe. The coffee behemoth has tested evening beer and wine offerings at select locations in Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR — including the original Starbucks location — since fall 2010. Now, according to a company press announcement, the chain will extend the evening concept to several of their cafés in Southern California and Atlanta by the end of the year. This expansion follows news announced last year that the company will include beer and wine in several of its Chicago stores by the end of 2012.

Along with different beverages come different food options.

A menu of upscale small plates and flatbreads have been introduced as companions for the drinks. Stores receiving the upgrade will be remodeled and outfitted with refurbished bars and new seating to attract and properly accommodate the evening crowd.

Starbucks Expands Beer and Wine to Southern California and Atlanta -