It was pretty good day for the buyers, tax payers, and St. Louis County on June 10!  That was the date of a public land sale that offered tax forfeited properties back to the general public.  Over the course of the day 16 properties were sold to eager buyers, raising $386,500 in funds and returning them to the tax roll for future revenue for the county.

The auction was held at the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center - The Depot and lasted less than an hour.

Among the higher-yield properties:  a half-acre lot on the Ash River for $54,000 and an irregularly-shaped parcel in Duluth's Denfeld neighborhood that sold for $58,000.  Two lake shore properties were included in the sale - valued at $90,000 and $58,600.

Most of the properties that sold went for the minimum asking price -although a 4.2-acre parcel in Bassett Township started at $10,500 and crept up to $23,000 following a bidding war.

A few of the properties offered didn't sell.  Those can now be purchased at any time over the counter for the appraised value.  You can learn more by clicking here.