I've been a Spotify user for quite some time now, and I believe the product is the best out there bar none. The song quality and selection can't be matched. I did have a problem I couldn't solve however, and I'm happy to report they came to my rescue.

About six months or so ago, I started getting double billed. I figured it was simply a clerical error, and they would credit me on the next bill. This went on for several months, so finally I wrote them a letter. A few days ago I got a response saying the problem had been cleared up. I replied I would appreciate a refund for the months I was double billed. They replied they could only give me a refund for two months, however, they would extend me the courtesy of six months at no charge.

I felt that was more than fair, and was happy to accept their offer. I found it really refreshing that a multi million dollar company would take the time to find out the problem, correct it, and do their best to treat me fairly. If ever we find ourselves on the receiving end of a good swift kick from a business, it might do them well to take a page out of Spotify's book on customer relations.