Army Sgt. Kimberly Walker returned home from Iraq -- and shortly after, was allegedly killed by her boyfriend according to an article in CNN. Not yet over her death, family members are now distraught over a new problem with the cemetery in which she is buried.

Sgt. Walker was an avid SpongeBob fan. Upon her death, the family asked permission to have two SpongeBob Squarepants memorials at her gravesite. They were granted permission to do so, and they went ahead and designed the memorials. It was a costly undertaking to the tune of almost thirty thousand dollars.

The memorials were installed earlier this month, and up for only one day, when cemetery officials informed the family they were taking down both memorials as they did not fit in with the cemetery guidelines and was not approved by senior management. The employee who initially gave the go ahead for the monuments was in error.

Cemetery management is meeting with the family to discuss the matter and explore other options according to CNN.