dion Dimucci
Whether you ten or one hundred ten, you'll love this song. The story is typical of most doo wop songs, (boy meets girl), however Dion's voice and sincerity comes through the song and aims it directly to your heart.

Shu Bop is highly relatable, and I'm pretty sure most reading this have had at least one encounter like Dion's in their lifetime. I've had three, and keep them hidden deep in my heart where nobody but me goes. There I go giving away my secrets again.

The song was recorded in the late sixties or early seventies, but not released until 2012. It was stored in a recording studio vault for release at a later date and forgotten. Storing a song for later release is commonplace with record companies, and "lost" songs are not that infrequent. Such was the case with Shu Bop.

Eventually the neglected vault was opened, but rarely does a song of this quality emerge, as most are retakes, dubs, filler, or ideas recorded for a possible future arrangement. I don't believe Shu-Bop (the lost track) was officially released on a 45, or single of any kind. It was available "underground" and that's how I got my copy ten years ago. It was however later included on a Dion album released in 2012.

If you're a fan of Dion, doo wop, or simply a romantic like myself, you'll love the song. Enjoy.