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Gregg is a softie that wants a place to stay.
I talked to Daryl and he told me how thankful he is we get the word out about the animals. for 6 years we have been helping to put good animals in good homes. Our guy this week is Gregg.
Christmas Movies For Your Date Night
It's cold out and you want to stay in for the night. In the mood for a Christmas movie that will make you fall in love? Here are some suggestions that will glad you stayed at home for pizza and romance.
What’s On Your Grown-Up Christmas List
If you could ask for anything for Christmas now as an adult, what would it be? What if Money was no object? Would you follow a dream? You could finally have something you have always wanted as a kid, or do you go another way?
Kids, Skate With Santa And Rudolph!
What kid wouldn't want to skate with Santa, Rudolph and friends. I didn't even know that Santa could skate. With the many opportunities to meet Santa around the Twin Ports, this is an chance for kids to meet Rudolph as well.
Duluth Pack Product To Be Featured In Jumanji
When you go to the movie theatres December 20th to see the movie reboot of Jumanji, pay close attention to the backpacks. Duluth Pack announced they have provided the packs for the new Sony Pictures movie.
KOOL Football Schwamee “Vikes Survive, Packers Roll”
This week should be an easy one for the Green Bay Packers. If the Minnesota Vikings win they win the division. If Detroit and Green Bay lose, it's over. GB needs to win out in order to keep the playoffs alive. Next week they will have Aaron Rodgers back.
Katie McMahon Brings Irish Christmas To CSS
Katie McMahon is from Ireland and shares her heritage with her fans. She has had quite the career. She is best known for her soprano solo in the original Riverdance. Before that, she was little Irish girl who just wanted to sing. Now She is bringing her "Celtic Christmas" to CSS