What's going on?

Appraisers At The Depot
Maybe You Have A Collectable, Maybe It Will Just Collect Dust, Antique Appraisers At The Depot April 19th
Denfeld Robotics Team Holding Taco Fundraiser
You are invited to the Denfeld Nation Automation fundraiser on March 23rd to Denfeld High School in the commons for a Taco Bar with sides (and meatless options) from 5pm to 8 pm. .
Grandma's Marathon Announce Big Top Entertainment
Grandma's Marathon announced today the headliners for the Big Top Entertainment for Friday June 15th and Friday June 16th, with a little bit of a change for the layout of the night, providing an earlier headline act and an after party act.
A New Idea To Take Care Of Potholes In Duluth
Duluth actually has a place on their website to report potholes. How does the city figure out who and where to fix first. What do they do to fix it, fill it, repair it, or repave it? I've always thought there has got to be a better way.
"Fixer Upper" Jim Gaffigan Returns To Duluth, Win Tickets
Duluth welcomes Comedian Jim Gaffigan's "Fixer Upper" tour to the Amsoil Arena. Gaffigan has toured the country to rave reviews and has even played the Colonel Sanders character for KFC most recently, and you can win tickets to the show.
Chris Allen Does The Nearly Naked Ruck March, Sign Up Now
Ever wonder what our service men and women go through. The Nearly Naked Ruck March is the end of this month and can show you exactly how it feels. The big picture with all of this is to take care of those in service as they integrate.
Olympian John Shuster Visits KOOL Morning Show
John Shuster and the USA curling team are making the media rounds and riding on the success of the Olympics to new things. John came in to talk about the feeling of winning Gold, the Olympic experience, and what might happen in the future.
How Many Medals Did Minnesotans Win In 2018 Olympics
There were 22 Minnesotans on the roster for the 2018 Olympics, and two alternates, and Duluth had it's fair share of heros on the team as well. Maddie Rooney, John Shuster, and Tyler George to name a few. How many came back medal winners?
Win Tickets To REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Don Felder
If you didn't get your tickets the first time KOOL gave them out, now is your chance to win. Every weekday morning until March 9th, win your way in to REO Speedwagon, Styx, and the newly added Don Felder, formerly of the Eagles.
How Much Is Too Much To Sue For?
Remember back a few years ago there was a woman that sued McDonald's because she spilled coffee on herself? Well a woman in New York had a tree fall on her and her kids. She is suing for $200 million. Is that too much, read the rest.
Actress Jamie Houk Is Back With A New Project
Jamie Houk came on the show some months back and said, she never wanted to direct that she was enjoying being an actress too much and said it might be a lot of work. Fast forward to now, she has written, directed, and produced a new project.
Go Tubing For Scleroderma This Weekend
The second annual Tubing To Find A Cure For Scleroderma get's underway this weekend at Mont du Lac Resort. This is a fundraiser that has sort of taken the place of the walk for Scleroderma.
Watch As The USA Olympians Arrive In Duluth
The Duluth International Airport was packed with people wanting to greet the Olympians as they got off their flight back to Duluth. So many people proud of the team for capturing the gold medal and putting Duluth on the map for curling.