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Actress Sean Young said she didn't have a ticket for the Oscar after-party and they asked her to leave.  She said she started to leave but the security guard grabbed her arm and started pulling her.Young said that is when she turned around and pounded him, she says she deserves an apology…..From the Academy!!! By the way, in a related story, Sean Young has fallen off the wagon again….sources say she hasn’t made an AA meeting in months, that’s okay, she hasn’t been a part of reality for years!!




Whitney Houston's family is disgusted after a casket photo leakes to the National Enquirer.The family could tell from the photo that it was taken inside the funeral home, now the owner of the funeral home says she is devastated that the photo is out there and says her staff had nothing to do with it, AND THE OSCAR FOR A LIAR OR COMPLETE IDIOT GOES TO THAT PERSON!!!.





HERE’S THE HOT POOP! Uma Thurman is pregnant. The actress and boyfriend financier Arpad Busson are expecting their first child together. His name sounds like nice purse, but he looks FABULOUS!!! Thurman also has two kids with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, and those kids look good despite him.