According to the Sdanka's War Facebook page they have wrapped up filming/shooting in Minnesota. This film was the first film to get an IRRRB grant and the money from the  MNFilmTV Snowbate program.

Posted on their Facebook page it says, "Time to head back to LA for post production."

They filmed and or used the following locations. The Lodge and Giants Ridge.  Soudan Mine, Gilbert OHV Park, Mirage Bar and Coates Hotel.

I don't know much about movie production, but they were very forthcoming about pictures and locations and I liked the fact that they used people from the area and kept everyone in the loop to become part of the production.

I will follow the page in order to report when they will show the movie in a local screening. I want to say thanks to the production team and to director/actor Tino Struckmann for the time and for letting me have his number to keep up on the film.

One thing the production team is asking is to email any pictures you may have taken in order to collect more for the website.