My son and I like to visit a nondescript river landing in the Northland to search for "pull tops" -- you know, those peel away sharp pieces of metal that used to seal soda and beer cans until they were discontinued in the late 1970's due to safety concerns.  (If you have no experience with "pull tops" - think razor sharp bits of metal in the sand, ready for a bare foot to step in...).  Even after more than 30 years have passed since these pop-culture fragments have disappeared, we ALWAYS come home with a few handfuls of them.

That's why it comes as no surprise to me that scientists have discovered that remains of D-Day - as microscopic as they might be - are still in the sand at the beach in Normandy, where D-Day happened 68 years ago.

A military clean-up occurred after the battle to remove the larger debris.  Time, waves, and Mother Nature have removed the rest - or so it seemed.

Click the link below for an interesting story on how D-Day will never be forgotten.