For 60 years, the infamous yellow trucks have helped Schwan's deliver quality frozen foods to customers doorsteps.  Generations have come to depend on Schwan's for everything from frozen meats and vegetables to snacks and ice cream.  Along the way, the Marshall, Minnesota-company has used cutting-edge technology to improve their business model.

From the start, Schwan's was tech-savvy, especially in their use of refrigeration and freezers to store and deliver their products.  Their trucks were equipped with freezers that maintained their product line at the peak of freshness.

Along the way, Schwan's continued to find new ways of improving their business.  One dramatic example is the use of Propane to fuel their trucks.

Now, Schwan's is re-investing in technology again, with the Cooltrax Fresh In Transit system.

Fresh inTransit tracks the location of refrigerated trailers and reefers, monitors all aspects of the performance of the fridge unit, and provides independent reefer temperature monitoring using combined telemetry and wireless technologies.

So what does that mean for Schwan's?

With Fresh inTransit real-time temperature, fridge performance and location information for any number of assets can be viewed through a single, web-based interface, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Temperature and other performance violations are reported immediately via SMS and/or email to enable pro-active management. Detailed graphs and reports are available to provide an intuitive record of historical information.

The Cooltrax sensors will deliver real-time temperature information that is critical to managing the refrigerated trailers carrying the products. The subsidiaries of The Schwan Food Company pride themselves on flash freezing products to ensure the consumer experience is as good as fresh cooked, and with Cooltrax providing the real-time monitoring of their assets, Global Supply is assured its products do not go through a thaw cycle typical of retail distribution models.

The company will also be able to track risks like theft, supply-chain failure, security, and bioterrorism concerns.