Most of you know I had a few days off last week. Mrs. Rayman needed to be gone one day so as she was leaving she told me "Santa told me to give you this early, so you'll stay out of trouble when I'm gone." It was the DVD  of "Charlie is my Darling." I watched it twice and managed to be a good boy. Will wonders never cease?


"Charlie is my Darling" is a one hour video of the Rolling Stones tour in Ireland back in 1965. Your given backstage access to the Stones, and see some really cool stuff like the Stones getting mobbed on stage. I think they mentioned the average length of a show on that tour was twenty four minutes before a riot broke out, and the boys ran for their lives.

Interviews with all the Stones are included, and the whole movie is shot in back and white. "Charlie is my Darling "was the brainchild of Andrew Loog Oldham, the first manager the Stones had. The DVD was released a couple weeks ago, and is geared to the die-hard Rolling Stones fan. If you have a Stones die-hard in your family or circle of friends, you can't go wrong with "Charlie is my Darling."