Americans are eating healthier - even at some of the most unlikely restaurants.

This nutritional U-turn is taking place at some of the unlikeliest of eateries, including Denny’s, IHOP, Friendly’s, Sizzler and even at the nation’s biggest casual dining chain, Applebee’s, where the numbers are eye-popping.

Experts say that some of this is the result of healthier options.

In a nation where two of three adults are obese or overweight, restaurant chains of all kinds finally are minding their nutritional p’s and q’s. Some are being prodded by fears of restrictive legislation and continued tough talk from first lady Michelle Obama. Some are doing it out of the fear that even one nutritionally minded family member will talk the whole family out of going. Some are influenced by TV shows such as The Biggest Loser and best-selling book series such as Eat This, Not That, which have increased consumer awareness of healthier eating.