Having traveled all over America, I've seen and experienced a lot. Different cultures, climate, foods, entertainment, demographics etc. I'm one of many people who was raised here and came back to make Duluth my permanent home. Here are some of the reasons.

Duluth is a beautiful city. No matter what season, Duluth seems to share it's natural beauty with us, which is a big deal because many cities I've traveled to, or lived in, have man made beauty. That's okay, but it can't compare with year round natural beauty and serenity we enjoy here in Duluth year round.

Living in Duluth, we don't have to contend with tornadoes and hurricanes. I lived through a tornado when I lived in Kansas, and it's not pretty belive me. We are fortunate we are pretty much sheltered from that here in Duluth.

The climate is another reason I live in Duluth. We don't have to put up with heavy rains and  cloudy conditions that go on forever, or air pollution and smog either. We do have snow in the winter, but again, when it snows in Duluth, it's beautiful.

Our water is clean. I've lived in communities where it was difficult to drink the water. Not so in Duluth. Clean and fresh!

Fantastic medical care. Our hospitals in Duluth rank among the highest in the country, the doctors and staff at these medical facilities are top rate , which is a huge plus.

Education in Duluth is top notch for all students, as well as those who attend our many colleges. Quality education is a top priority here.

Duluth is a sports town! Hockey is big, so is football, baseball, softball, golfing and soccer. We have the facilities here in Duluth to accommodate all types of sports, and they are well attended. We also host Grandma's Marathon, and people come from all over the world to participate. Sled dog races too. Fishing and hunting are big in our Duluth area, as we have many lakes available to us, as well as beautiful Lake Superior. Hiking and outdoor camping are also extremely popular. Snowmobiling, and ATV trails are enjoyed by many as well. Pretty much you name it, it's here, there is something for everyone to enjoy and take part in.

Privacy. Most larger cities do not offer the privacy we have here in Duluth.. By that I mean the ability to get away by oneself, perhaps to  a resort or cabin in the woods, and be totally alone. Now that's relaxing! Just you and the birds, and the lakes.We have plenty of resorts too, and each year thousands come to Duluth to enjoy..and relax.

Employment remains fairly stable here in Duluth, and we've weathered the recent economic catastrophe very well. During the summer, thousands of tourists flock to Duluth, nor only for the natural beauty, but also the large selection of top quality stores and restaurants we have in our town

Care for the elderly is once again top notch in Duluth. We have several well staffed and beautiful facilities here for those who need assisted living and care.

Duluthians are very friendly people. Gee, you can't walk a block without someone saying hello, or a quick talk about the weather, or sporting event. Nice people make a nice community, and we enjoy both in Duluth.

Duluth's crime rate is low compared to other cities. Thanks to the fine Police Department, First Responders, and Fire Department, and our local Government officials who have designed programs to prevent crime throughout our city.

I could talk for hours on Duluth, however suffice it to say the quality of living in Duluth is excellent, and I'd be hard pressed to find a better place to call home.