Big Girls, Plus Size, Big Boned, Large Marge, yep.....heard them all. The Truth of the matter is women that aren't runway models are always told they can't be fashionable. As one of the only straight men that loves to follow fashion, I have good news. You can break the rules.

Fashion Diva Nicolette Mason says:

Big girls are forever being told what not to wear, that everything from stripes to pleats to booties (even ponytails!) are off-limits to us. Is it any wonder that so many full-figured women cling to their boring black separates—the "safest" things in their wardrobes?

MYTH : Top-heavy women can't wear knits.

TRUTH : Look for body-skimming silhouettes in metallic for a pulled-together take

So, Ladies, wear what you feel comfortable in. (That doesn't mean you should wear a mid-drift bearing tube top and cheerleader shorts.) As long as you feel beautiful, you will project beauty and confidence.  Besides, women that have a little more to them have gifts that the skinny women don't have, but that's another article all together.