I suppose you may find it odd that I collect trolls of all things...I don't blame you. I'll tell you the story behind it.

Many years ago, I casually mentioned on my show,  that I liked trolls. I can't even remember how I got on that subject now that I think of it. A few days later, I received a box at the radio station. To my amazement, I found the box packed with trolls. On my show that afternoon, I thanked the listener, and things just snowballed after that. On my birthday, people would send me a troll or two, Holidays too, and some just for no special reason other than they knew I like them.

Over the years, my collection grew of course, and it's now to the point that "if you want to get Rayman something, get him a troll."  I save everyone I've ever received, and I enjoy them too. Not only the gift itself, but the wonderful people who send them to me.

I'll share a secret with you that I've never told anyone, except Mrs. Rayman. Every time I go to a concert, every time I go on stage, I have a troll with me. Sometimes, in my pocket, my jacket, in my back pocket, around my neck...somewhere. You can call it good luck or even superstition. It's a habit I picked up from musicians. I would honestly guesstimate 99 % of the artists you see at a concert, have some sort of  a "good luck charm" with them during each show. Entertainers are very superstitious people. I guess I am too.

That's the story of how it all began, and continues to this day. Thanks to all who have been so kind to me. I'll give them all a good home, I promise you that.