This song came at a very emotional time for Waite. John says that the song was about a phone call.

Waite got married in his native England before moving to New York, where he recorded his first solo album,Ignition, which was released in 1984. It didn't do well, so  he returned to England and settled into married life. He later returned to New York, leaving his wife behind while he made his second album, No Brakes.

"My wife was a long way away," says Waite. "There were quite a few women in my life at the time, and it all came sort of floating to the top."

Waite's feelings poured out of him in the song - on one level, he missed his wife dearly, but on a more superficial plane he didn't miss her at all, which is what he sang on the refrain: "I ain't missing you at all." Waite and his wife would later divorce.