George Michael
Faith is a number 1 song, written and performed by George Michael, released as a single  from his 1987 Faith album. According to Billboard magazine, it was the top-selling single of the year in the U.S. in 1988.

A famous Video  was made, which provided some definitive images of the 1980s music industry in the process - Michael in shades, designer stubble, a leather jacket & a particularly memorable pair of tight blue jeans & boots, playing a guitar near a classic-design Wurlitzer jukebox. The famous leather jacket seen in the video was purchased at a shop in Melrose called Leathers and Treasures. The guitar was purchased at a nearby pawn shop. Back on the set of the video, George added pearls to the jacket. Bob Batchelor and Scott Stoddart say the music video positions him as a "masculine sex object."