For me, having something to snack on is essential when watching your favorite sports team. It's almost impossible to see the Vikings with a first down in the red zone without something to chew on.

A couple weekends a go, I'm flipping the remote between a Nascar race and football game, back and forth, back and forth, just to get on my wife's nerves (you know the routine guys).  I settle on Nascar for just a minute, and see "Hot Honeys" on the back of Kevin Harvicks # 29 race car. Not knowing what Hot Honeys were, I asked Mrs. Rayman but she didn't know either.

A few days later, I saw a can of Hot Honeys on the kitchen table. She had gone shopping, saw them, and brought a can home for me. Of course I had to sample a few, and before I knew it, half the can was gone.!

Nuts lightly sweetened with a dash of heat and lightly salted is the best way I can describe them. For me, it's the perfect snack  while watching my favorite sports. I was was mentioning Hot Honeys to a couple of my buddies here at the station. They suggested I blog about here it is. If you get a chance, put it on your grocery list, and try some during the next game. I think you'll love em..I know I do.

Hot Honeys