Born in the U.S.A. was the best-selling album of 1985 in the United States (and also Springsteen's most successful album ever). The album produced a record-tying string of seven Top 10 singles.

The album cover, a close-up of Springsteen's rear in front of an American flag, became an iconic image of the era.

The video for "Dancing in the Dark" was set at a live performance, and is perhaps best remembered for the appearance of Courtney Cox as a fan who is invited on stage by Springsteen, and dances with him. The video played a large role in launching Cox's career,  when she became one of the stars of FriendsThe video was filmed in June 1984 at the St. Paul Civic Center in St. Paul Minnesota before and during the initial show of the Born in the U.S.A. Tour.