It seems the longer I'm around, the more I like Halloween. I really enjoy the costumes too. I think they're getting better each year. Even the scary sounds are better now than in years past. With today's modern technology, a person can purchase a CD of Halloween sounds that are really scary. One thing though that has never changed is my favorite Halloween candy. It tastes the same today as it did when i was a kid, although the pieces are smaller.

Mrs. Rayman bought a bag or two for treats for the kids when they come knocking on our door, but they mysteriously disappeared. It was probably Ozzie, one of my pugs. He's been known to rummage through the candy drawer when the house is fast asleep.

Jennifer Walch from KDLH and I were talking one day and she asked me what my favorite Halloween candy was. Heck, I don't even remember the name, so I tried to describe it to her. She mailed me the photo you see in the post. I was really surprised that she found a bag, Mrs. Rayman has been looking unsuccessfully for a bag for weeks.

So now that you know what my favorite Halloween candy is, tell me what your fav is. Leave me a reply in the comment section. Thanks, and happy Halloween!