A couple weeks ago now I noticed water on the floor in the basement. I opened the door to another room, and the water literally rushed out. I had a good three to four inches of standing water in the basement.

We vacuumed for days and nights, but it seemed useless, as the more me vacuumed, the more that came in. With fans and dehumidifiers going night and day, it eventually got to the point of being somewhat dry.

Many things were ruined, carpeting, furniture, electrical equipment, washer & dryer, and many rock and roll items friends in the music business have given me over the years. That's what bothered me the most I think, because they're irreplaceable.

We needed to get the leaks repaired correctly, so I called my son-in law who owns Judd Kern Construction and together with Tim harvey Construction, the whole gang got busy on the job.

I'm pleased that the foundation was fine, however the drain pipes were broken , which caused the water to back up in to the house. New pipes were installed, and everything that goes with it, so now I'll probably have the driest house in town. Mrs. Rayman and I were fortunate to have family and friends who earn their living in construction, and are top notch. We're thankful they helped us when we needed it most.

The project is almost done. Our front yard was pretty much gone, so today one of the Harvey boys graded the yard, and this afternoon  we'll get a truckload or two of good black dirt spread, so all that remains is seeding and watering. It could have been a lot worse.