I read a recent post on Kool 1017.com on the Byrds not reuniting for thier 50th Anniversary. I am infuriated by McGuinn's comments as to why he refuses to tour, and especially his comment on playing "sheds", and making only a couple million dollars. I think I have a couple reasons why he won't tour.

When fellow Byrds member David Crosby graciously encouraged McGuinn to tour, he should have jumped on it. McGuinn turned him down flat. What Mcguinn doesn't realize or ignores, is how much Crosby contributed to the group. In my opinion Mcguinn turned him down out of fear that Crosby would steal the show. Lets face facts, Crosby has done extremely well for himself after the Byrds. I can't say the same for Mcguinn.

Mcguinn goes on in the interview saying the group would be playing in "sheds", and make only a couple million dollars. He says he doesn't need money.  Heck, only a couple million isn't even enough to fuel his Lear jet for more than a few months. I would imagine if the Byrds came to our neck of the woods, they would do quite well, even though they would have to play in our "shed"..the same one Elton John was happy to play in.

Mcguinn's ego today is far too large for a group that blew us away fifty years ago. Today is one thing, fifty years ago is something else .McGuinn's Ego and Fear, are the two main reasons the Byrds won't be able to tour.

Every person has the right to do what they want with their life, Mcguinn included. He's made his own bed, I'll let him sleep in it.