I arrived home fairly late one evening last week and was anxious to relax and chill for awhile with my wife. A funny coincidence happened later on in the evening as I was settling down to finish a book I was reading

My cell phone rang, it was my friend Tony our Digital Director. "Hey what's up T?" I asked. "Thought you might want to know Phil Everly died Rayman." I remember thanking him for the tip, and after that I was sort of in my own zone for awhile, (really shocked.)

After a few moments, I gathered my thoughts, and my mind filled with images of Phil. Places, things I've read about him, memories of my friends the Titans opening for Don and Phil, their songs I've  enjoyed and played over the air for you and much more.While I was not an avid fan of the Everly Brothers, I felt an inward bond with Phil. I liked him from the first time I saw him. I loved that he was soft-spoken, at times even introverted, his smile, how he paused before he would answer a question, and even an occasional cigarette or two. I could relate to him really well.

I decided I'd better get out of my funk, block things out of my mind (my form of escapism,) and started to finish the book I'm currently reading, I'm With The band, Confessions of a Groupie, Pamela Des Barres. She was dating Don Johnson (who later became very famous.) Even though they were once both passionately in love, Don was on the verge of a successful career, and was having a casual affair with fourteen year old Melanie, who happened to be the daughter of Tippi Hedron. Don still wanted to see Pamela while he dated Melanie, however, Pamela wasn't about to share him with anybody. As he slammed the door and walked out, the words of an Everly Brothers song came into her mind, which she tweaked to suit her emotions. There goes my baby with someone new. He sure looks happy, I sure am blue. He was my baby till she stepped in. Good-bye to romance that might have been. Bye bye love, Bye bye happiness, Hello loneliness, I think I'm gonna die. Bye bye my love, good-bye.

What a strange coincidence huh? My friend notifies me of the death of Phil Everly, and I finish a book that contains the lyrics to an Everly Brothers hit song only moments after I was told of his death. As I said earlier, I felt I have an inward bond with Phil Everly.