If you happen to be a baby boomer, many history making events events have taken place since you were born. And, among other things, music has been with you all of your life, whether you have experienced it to it's fullest or not, it has been waiting for you to enjoy and be used.

Perhaps you've been a passive listener of music all your life, or simply don't know where or how to start on your musical journey, I encourage you to sample my top ten picks. I've deliberatly tried to make my list well rounded, or universal if you will. Look at these ten albums as a foundation on which you can further expand to suit your own personal tastes. Thanks to modern technology, you can now listen before you buy. All you need is a subscription, and to do this there are many services available (I use Spotify) that let you listen free. Gone are the days where you must purchase an album, only to find out it's not to your liking. Let's get started, here are my top ten. Enjoy and build!

HIGHWAY 61 REVISTED: Bob Dylan's influence on music and society is astounding. The songs are great, and in my opinion his best.

SGT. PEPPER'S LONLEY HEARTS CLUB BAND: While the Beatles changed the face of music, this album is perhaps most responsible, and experimental of it's time.

WHAT'S GOIN ON: Marvin Gaye released this album during the summer of love, yet the country was going through much turmoil. Marvin sings about this in such a way that he changed the tone of music sending it in a new direction.

TAPESTRY: Carol King gives us a very easy listening album but importan,t as it speaks both to old and new generations with introspection. A pleasure to listen to.

LED ZEPPELIN IV: Mystical is a good way to describe this album. Very important as it led the way in defining seventies music.

EXILE ON MAINSTREET: The Rolling Stones were living in exile (France,), and this album is the result. Something here for everyone's taste, blues, country, and r&r. An emotionally charged album, their best effort to date.

INNERVISIONS: This is the album that did it for Stevie Wonder. With hit after hit, Wonder's musical talent offered us a new sound that could not be denied.

EAGLES THEIR GREATEST HITS 1971-1975 (1976): As we live we grow, and so did the Eagles in this album. With many hits, it's a must have from one of the greatest groups in music history.

EXODUS: Bob Marley & the Wailers exposed us to reggae on this album. Marley was a genius, and reggae rose to world popularity on the basis of this album.

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (MOVIE SOUNDTRACK): Disco is here and it came at the perfect time. While disco came and went, this one started the craze.