I was going through a stack of cd's this morning and found one marked 3. I often run across a song I like, and toss it on a blank disk, and give it a name or number. I played it, and to my amazement, found it was a copy of the Cryan Shames first album I picked up somewhere called Sugar & Spice the Cryan Shames. I remembered I liked it because they had recorded a number of Byrds covers on the album. Then I heard it, a particular song that blew me away, a lost gold for sure. I loved the song the very first time I heard it years ago. I had to write you about it.

Have you ever picked up a magazine, glanced through it, and seen a picture of someone that made you think, "Whoa, where could I meet her?" That's what this song is about, in fact the first line in the song is "I first saw you in a magazine, I wanna met you."

The Cryan Shames are from Chicago, and their big hit was a cover of Sugar & Spice, originally recorded by The Searchers. "I Wanna Meet You," is a great combo of Byrds instrumentation, with some Beach Boys harmonies thrown in for good measure. The guitar sounds are much akin to that of Mr. Mcguinn's twelve string Rickenbacker.

The song received a ton of airplay, mostly only in the Midwest (coming on the heels of Sugar and Spice), and while it didn't chart in the top ten, I feel it should have. The song has a great beat, lyrics, and is danceable. The three requirements needed for a hit song according to the late Allen Freed. I totally agree with him. This song has it all. Enjoy my lost gold, I Wanna Meet You.