Saturday I dropped my car off at the repair shop because I needed new spark plugs. Not wanting to leave my key ring with the car (because it has my house keys on it), I took out a "valet" set that came with the car. Your supposed to use that set when you go out to a fancy place and the dude parks your car for you. I don't use it much though because McDonald's and Burger King don't'  have valet parking  last time I checked.

I drove the car home from the repair shop, and locked the doors. A few hours later, I wanted to retrieve something inside the car, so I used my remote to unlock the doors. They wouldn't open. No, worries, I have four sets altogether, so I tried the other sets , all with the same result.

I thought I had the answer when I disconnected the battery, then reconnected it an hour later. Nope, now nothing works. Not only won't the doors open without a key, but the remote car starter won't work either.

I love electronics for sure, but sometimes I think all this wireless jazz gets confused, They just decide to go on strike.  Between the lawn mower incident, the mysterious growth on my tree, and the wireless remote lock out, I've had one of those "Mysteries Of The Mind" weekends. Ever have one?