Yesterday I went to trim my lawn. Mower wouldn't start so I checked the gas tank...empty. I got my gas can and tried to attach the filler hose to the gas can. It was difficult to screw on, but I thought it was tight enough to pour a gallon of gas into the mower. I turned the gas can upside down and whoops, the yellow filler tube dropped into my mower gas tank!

I tried in vain to remove the gas tank from the mower but couldn't. I needed something to try to snag the filler tube..if I could just get it high enough, I could snatch it out with long nose pliers. What to do?

I got it, I'll use a fishing pole!  After 15 unsuccessful minutes of "fishing", Mrs. Rayman walked out with the camera. She caught me, while I was trying to catch the yellow monster in my mower gas tank! Trying everything I had in my bag of trick, I called my friend Dave who owns a mower sales and service in Lake  Nebagamon. I told him the situation, and after he got done laughing, he told me to leave it in the tank as it wouldn't do any harm. Looking back at it, I probably should've called Dave first right?