The Pro Bowl Players were announced and Minnesota and Green Bay each put some quality players on the roster. A couple guys need more said about them and one man was chosen for fullback, and he's from Minnesota.

Adrian Peterson has enjoyed the best season he has ever had. Last year after he was injured and had acl surgery, no one would have thought he would thought he would be approaching a record. Peterson was chosen as the starter for the Pro Bowl.

New Team, New look, Peyton Manning was also voted high on the list. Most sports commentators were saying, can he ever throw like he used to. It seems the aging quarterback came back and looks more polished and as strong as he ever did.

This needs mentioning. Tony Gonzalez set a record for the most times (13) in the pro bowl for his position.

So here's a quick run down. Minnesota placed 4, Adrian Peterson, Blair Walsh (k), Jared Allen, and the only man chosen to play fullback, Jerome Felton, the man that blocks for Peterson.

The Packers have some too. Of course, Aaron Rodgers, Jeff Saturday, and Clay Matthews on defense.

Now, are they going to throw the game this year?

See the full list here.