I thought this post timely as the Republicans are campaigning to see who will be their presidential nominee.  The "Holier-than thous" love creating a stir about this candidate slept with this person, and that candidate slept with that person, do we really want that type of person in the White House?

Political candidates and Presidents are not saints, in fact far from it, I for one see nothing wrong with that. It's common knowledge that past Presidents, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton to name a few had a tryst or two during their time in office. Do you honestly think it had any effect on how they ran our country?

We will never have the perfect person in the White House, so "Pollyanna" why not  put your energy towards selecting the man or woman who can best run the country, instead of condemning  a candidate because they don't conform to your self righteous beliefs.

Which is more scandalous: that John F. Kennedy seduced a young intern in his wife’s bedroom or that he bathed with the intern and they raced rubber duckies in the tub?

There’s no shortage of salacious and silly details in the new tell-all book about President Kennedy’s voracious sexual appetite during the Camelot White House years. But “Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath” isn’t penned by an aging sexpot, but rather by a genteel grandmother and retired church administrator.

When she was called Mimi Beardsley in 1962, she had no clerical skills except being able to answer a phone. She’d only been there four days before the president noticed her. Then they had sex. She was a virgin, she said.