Saint Louis County officials are warning property owners to mail their upcoming tax payments early and to check the pick-up times at the box they drop their envelope into to make sure that they get postmarked on time.  Property tax payments for the second half of the year are due on Thursday, October 15.

The advice from the county comes after the recent changes at the Duluth Post Office left some property owners with late payments earlier this year.  Saint Louis County Auditor Donald Dicklich explains:

"Real estate or personal property tax payments must be postmarked on or before the October 15 deadline, in order to be considered on time.  With the previous round of payments due last May, there were several instances of people saying they'd mailed their payment on time, but the postmark didn't reflect that. We want to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else."

There are other options to get your tax payments to the county.  Payments also can be made in person at the Auditor’s Office in the Saint Louis County Courthouse in Duluth or the Northland Office Center in Virginia, or at the Auditor’s Service Center at the Miller Hill Mall. Payments also can be made online – additional fees apply – by following the link at