A new study says 80% of people in the US believe in Aliens. There are some places around America that would serve as better proof.

Roswell, New Mexico

For those that really believe, this is the first place that people bring up to use as proof. During the summer of 1947, a southeastern New Mexico ranch foreman noticed some mysterious debris in a field and reported it to the air force. There was a leak of a large metalic craft and maybe an alien. A movie was made about the whole thing with people saying what was released to the public was wrong. An eye witness said he saw a huge silver craft, but a weather balloon was shown to the public.

Area 51, Nevada

This military airfield in southern Nevada has been shrouded in secrecy for a number of conspiracy-based reasons, one of which is its peg as the government's parking spot for the crashed Roswell spaceship. If they aren't hiding anything, why do they follow everyone around the outside if you get too close, and why do they not allow tours?