There's a new Gatorade commercial that not only shows what kind of person Peyton Manning was, but encourages you to tell other people how much you respect them, or like them, or are proud of them. It's more than an email, it's a hand written letter that let's that person know they matter.

Peyton Manning would write a letter to anyone that he admired and told them why. He gave them congratulations and told them why. He even wrote to his Dad and to his brother to say what he really means to say. The best part about a hand written letter is people can go back to it and look at it and read it again and experience that good feeling again.

The commercial is just that, a commercial, but also a farewell to a great player and a good man. Almost a hand written letter to him. Something I think is cool, they encourage you to write to Peyton to tell him what you think of him at the end.